Food glorious food!

Throughout Sicily we have generally been very impressed with the food.  Much pizza and pasta of course, but also seafood dishes and many vegetable combinations. The quality and abundance of fruit and vegetables is fantastic.  There are fruit and vegetable sellers everywhere (at the moment selling especially cherries, water melon, plums and peaches.)

For the carnivores there is pork, chicken and cavallo (or horse).  Most of the beef and steak on menus seems to be from Argentina.  Generally there is not much meat in  dishes.  For instance last night I had a pasta with sword fish and cherry tomatoes but there were only small cubes of the fish.

In Palermo the local street food delicacy is panelli, little deep fried chick pea fritters.  We made these in the cooking class and I will be trying to replicate them once we are home.
Pasta alla norma is everywhere.  The composer Bellini was born in Catania  and this pasta celebrates his opera Norma.  It is pasta with tomatoes,eggplant, ricotta and basil.  Again this should be easy to make at home.
Caponata in various forms is very common as part of the antipasto course.  Not only the traditional eggplant version but also with capsicum (bell peppers), carrot and celery.

Sicily is famous for cannoli and other sweets.  Thus far we have resisted and only had one each.  But they were chocolate filled and very delicious.



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