Italian islands

Sicily and Sardinia are the two largest islands in Italy and we are lucky enough to have visited them both.

We spent our last two days in Sicily looking at the towns of Noto and Sircasa and had a trip up the volcano Mount Etna. In Siracusa we had a great guide Denise who has a pHd in archaeology – this is a great example of Sicily’s unemployment and underemployment problem.  Apparently unemployment is at around 30% and youth unemployment nearer to 50%. Underemployment is common.


At the Greek theatre in Siracusa with Denise and the cathedral in Noto.


On the slopes of Mount Etna

We can greatly recommend Paolo and his team from Handy Sicily who organised our five day tour aroud the island

I realised a few days into our Sicily trip that wearing pants and a shirt was not the best way to stay cool  so in Noto I bought another dress. It was linguistically confusing but we got there in the end with a mixture of my Italian and the owner’s daughter’s English. Of course the Mastercard payment is universal.


When I was about 10 we were holidaying in Tumut, Australia, and my mother bought me a new dress that was forever know as the Tumut dress.  This one pictured just outside our apartment in Cagliari will be now known as the Noto dress.

After the inevitable Alitalia delays, cancellations, missed connections and lost luggage we have settled into our Airbnb apartment in the old town of Cagliari the largest city in Sardinia.  The town is quite hilly so our leg muscles are getting good work outs.  There are even public lifts to assist the townsfolk to get from the low part of the town to the higher part. We went on a day tour to see the nuraghi which are Bronze age buddings common on Sardinia. Our trip also included a visit to the Giara  a plateaued area where there are Sardinian wild horses and  picnic of Sardinian goats’ cheese and salami.



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