All roads lead to Rome.

Since my last post we have flown from Sardinia to Rome and are now in a spacious apartment near the Parthenon. We know from a previous visit that Rome is a very walkable city but with the temperatures in the high 30s it is a bit too hot to walk in the afternoon. Although since it is barely reaching double figures Celsius in our home town right now perhaps this is not a good time to complain about it being too hot.

We went on a tour of Cagliari in Sardinia on a rather unique form of transport in a Fiat 500 car which belonged to the tourist guide’s grandmother. Cagliari is quite a hilly city and several times we thought we may have needed to get out and push.

We saw some of the popular beaches near the town and the pink flamingos in the wetlands area.



Out for dinner our last night on Sardinia.

Our last day was spent walking around the old town and in particular the old Jewish quarter.  The Jews were exiled from Sardinia by the Spanish monarchs in 1492 during the Spanish Inquisition. In more recent times most Sardinian Jews were murdered in the Holocaust.


The rear of the Sardinian parliament buildings.  There is lift that connects this old part of the town to the newer parts of the town quite a way below!
IMG_1737All ready for the flight to Rome.

We are beginning to think that no Alitalia plane leaves or arrives on time, and our flight from Sardinia to Rome was no exception. Because we had quite a wait at Cagliari airport we took the opportunity to buy shuttle bus tickets from Rome Airport to the central railway station. We were very glad we did because the shuttle bus ticket booth and bus stop were chaos at the Rome end of things! We finally reached our apartment which is very  good – well air conditioned and spacious, although you do need to have a bit of mountain goat in your genetic makeup to access it via stairs, and then through what appears to be a window.

Yesterday I went on a food walking tour of Travastere an old neighborhood (yes they are all old!) on the other side of the river.  By then I had discovered a great app for taxis that allows us to book a cab without having to attempt to do so over the phone in Italian. (Mr L who visited a contemporary art gallery, managed to find a taxi by the old fashioned way of walking to the nearest taxi rank.).

The food tour was excellent and allowed for large tastings of cheese, biscuits, small goods, bread, fried risotto balls, fruit, gelato, pasta and sweets, plus a few glasses of wine in about three hours. Sadly I do not think there was enough walking to counteract the  effect of all that food. Prior to dinner we did as the Romans do and enjoyed a few aperitifs of Spritzs and a Campari and soda. Dinner for me was a very small affair of grilled veges and a salad.

IMG_2526 (2)

No explanation needed!

IMG_2535 (2)

It’s easy to buy pizza by the slice for a snack.  We’ve never needed to do that because there is so much food with each meal.

IMG_2531 (2)

Enormous wheels of local pecorino cheese.

IMG_2528 (4)

This is a pork smallgoods meat (guanciale) made from the jowls of the pig.


And lastly one of my favourite fruits.

This morning we did what I called our own Roman icons tour.  We set out earlyish when it was only in the mid 20s and walked to the Trevi Fountain, (currently without water and undergoing restoration) and then the Spanish steps.
Only one and a half more days in Rome and then we start the long journey home.


The Spanish Steps made famous in the movie Roman Holiday. Not too many Gregory Pecks around today, and even less Audrey Hepburns.

Clothes wise I just wish I had more dresses and skirts as it is too hot for pants or jeans.  My black and white skirt from Blue Illusion is getting a good work out as is my new Noto dress.


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