Arrivederci Roma!

I am sitting at Dubai Airport and my body clock isn’t too sure of the time.  It’s almost midnight here, almost 10 in Italy and almost 6 in the morning in Melbourne, our next stop.

Our last two days in Rome were very hot.  In fact Rome was sweltering through an unprecedented heatwave.  It was either the hottest July in 10 years, 130 years or 150 years depending on from whom the information came! We were very glad to have an  apartment with great aircon.
A quick Google showed that a visit to the Catacombs was a good thing to do on a very hot day.  We joined a half day tour that also included a visit to part of the Appian Way and to a still standing aqueduct. No photos were allowed in the Catacombs but it certainly was cooler down there.


Here we are at the end of the Appian Way in Brindisi three weeks before with our Amber Road group, and in the second photo we are near the beginning in Rome.


The aqueduct was an amazing structure.


Out for dinner in Rome.  I am standing near the entrance to our apartment which was at the back and on the roof of an the apartment block.


3 thoughts on “Arrivederci Roma!

  1. Thank you for your blog, very informative. Just wondered about your tour of the Catacombs which takes in Appian Way. We are looking for something similar next month and I was wondering if you could recommend the tour? If so, could you provide the name of the tour?
    Tks, Donna


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